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Utvecklare: studioFROBEL

You know how this goes: you and a friend each grab one end of a dried chicken bone and pull until the bone breaks. Whoever winds up with the larger piece (the “lucky break”) is the winner, and whoever is left with the smaller piece (the “bad break”) is the loser.

Those are the breaks.

In some households, the chicken bone is replaced with a turkey bone (or a duck bone, or a goose bone, or a gopher bone...) and both players make a wish. The winner’s wish comes true. And the loser’s wish doesn’t. Simple.

Or sometimes no wish is permitted until after the bone is broken, thus preventing one player from undue shame and disappointment. What happens if the wishbone (called the “merry-thought bone” in some parts of the world) breaks evenly?

It is said that the ancient Etruscans consulted such “hen oracles” to settle disputes, pick spouses or business partners, determine important military tactics, and even predict the future! Now you can, too!

In this version, we keep it simple: pull the bone until it breaks. If you get the big piece, you win; small piece, you lose. Take your time to savor the delicate cracking and crunching of the bone as it stretches to the breaking point. After it splits in two and the matter is settled, you don’t have to wait to cook additional fowl and cure another wishbone. You’ve got Wishbone! Just touch the screen and start again.