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"Changed my life! Love it!" "Not bad but not good" My Review: Not much effort is put into this game. It's good and keeps you looking at the screen for a while. Pretty fun doing it a few times and playing it with a partner but it gets a little old after about 10 times which is good about this app. Keep up the good work!

People who say "this app is for toddlers" are toddlers.

Why are people saying things like "this game is boring" and "when I pull one side fully that side always wins"??? This is a game for two people to play at once, to settle things like "who gets the milkshake" or "who has to get the eggs", not for you to lazily break the bone over and over again. This app is not stupid, it has a purpose, and that is to settle disputes. I can imagine you haters just sitting on the couch, breaking the bone for no reason. Like seriously. This is not a game, it is more a tool app. I repeat. Unless you have a liking for bone breaking sounds, THIS APP IS NOT MINECRAFT OF WHATEVER YOU PEOPLE PLAY. Jeez. I'm triggered.

This app changed my life

This app not only is incredibly unpredictable but also effects my life day to day. Decisions are easier and cooperation seems simple just because of this magical wishbone. I suggest this app to anyone with problems of indecision and those who have no control over their opinions. BEST GAME EVER INVENTED!! TOTALLY LIFE-CHANGING!!

Wishe bone

This app is bad all you do is pull a wishbone don't get this app

Great game

This is great for people who love tearing wishbones. I can't believe all those negative reviews. Like someone else said, I don't think those people have ever pulled a wishbone before. FYI, if you guys don't know, it's for wishing on a bone, and if you pull and get the end, you win! It's like a shooting star, you wish on it. This game gets five stars and do not listen to the bad reviews, the game is great!!!!


It's not the best game. It's actually kind of stupid.


There is nothing to do in this game besides ripping a wishbone apart over and over again. Boring!😳🙄😴💤

Kinda boring

This game was fun the first few tries, but I think that they should add more modes or something. Cause it gets very boring😴😴

Boring, Stupid, Worst app ever

You can only win on one side you get bored and there is really nothing I rate this the worst app I have ever have


Don't get this app. I tried it like 8 times and u pull some on one side and then pull the other fully and u win each time! lol this should clearly be marked for toddlers!!!!! Or be deleted altogether. Worst app I have ever seen and I have NEVER written that before. Sad....

What is the point of this game😡

When I first got it I was excited!! But when I played it all u do is choose a side and pull it.BORING😡😡😡😡😡👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👺👺👺👺👺👺





Stupidity Overload

This app is stupid, I mean all you do is pull a bone and it is not even realistic! OMG OMG it is so stupid! Delete this app! Don't get it!! Please don't get it!


All u do is pull and it snaps.Thats it.Thats the fun(not really). So I suggest u don't get it.Listen to me


I'm pretty sure no weirdo would ever get this( or nonwierdos) it's the worst game EVER. You never win,and it's not fun at all.either update it or move it off the game list......


Worst game ever!!!!!!!!!!

Worst Game Ever!!!!!!!!👎👎👎...

This is a horrible game. All you do is pull the stupid thing apart. A three year old would even get bored!! Please add more to this app!!!! It needs major fixes!!!👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎


I say this app is boring because all u do is pull the wishbone sides and the bigger part wins and that's it u do that over and over there is no point of the game !


All you do is snap a bone in two.😝👎😝👎😝👎😝👎



Most stupid game besides game of war

This is the most stupid game, all you do is break a dumb ''wishbone'' over and over again! It might be fun for a 2 year old but it's just not fun and entertaining unlike other games. I think this game should deserve 2 thumbs down like the patriots!!😝👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

Soo dumb! Don't get

Mate, I do not rate 8 out of 8.


You only win on one side

love it

its great i am the best i always beat evreyone:):):):)

Hate it

I wouldn't even rate one star this is one of the most stupidest apps I've ever seen

Wat is this it is stupid wat do u even do

Wat do u don I don't even know anyway it stinks

Thanksgiving all over again

It needs an update

It's kool.

It's like totally kooki. I do it withy mom. Lol it's a great idea. (Selma hyndrick)


Dis Games is stupud

Not fair

Left side ALWAYS wins!! Not fair!! Can u fix it, please?

its ok

its sorta stupid but i always beat my frendz


I really don't think people who think this app is stupid ever pulled a real wishbone apart. >< It does what it says. It's a virtual wishbone used in deciding who'll win and who'll use, much like flipping a coin.




Honestly it's nothing more than pulling a wishbone apart. That's it. Probably the dumbest app i've ever seen.

Absolutely horrible

This app is horrible theirs no point to it one of the worst apps ever


its ok i like the sound effects but the app gets boring after a while


its alright but it starts to get boring after a while but it has great sound effects

The best!

The best action/adventure game I've ever played!


This app is awesome. Me and my friends play it all the time.

I like the sound effects!

As you pull the wishbone apart, it makes a cracking noise. It's pretty cool!

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